Dear WordPress,

I must admit, I am the king of bullshit. I have had time to make entries and share interesting stories, however, I have been procrastinating tough. I cannot promise I will not procrastinate anymore, but certain things I will be solid on.

  • My health- Despite writing a humorous post about not being able to succeed on a healthy diet, I am getting serious about my health. I am in my early thirties and I have the opportunity to correct my health before things escalate. I have recently read this book called “How not to die” that I will do a book review on. Dr. Michael Greger, the founder of , has possibly changed my mind about health and how important it is.
  • Becoming more proactive with my blog and vlog- If you check out the link above on my page, you will see a link to my YouTube sports page. I have been consistent with my YouTube page, but lagging on my wordpress. I plan to implement a YouTube page that is consistent with the values that I express on my WordPress, for my wordpress family. That channel will be dedicated to things that I talk about on this page. It will be about book reviews, and random thoughts that align with me as a person. I love wordpress because of the platform it provides. There are so many great blogs on here that I have read and liked because the unique perspectives. I have missed that feeling of connecting with like-minded people.


Be on the lookout for the posts to start rolling again. I  have been slacking big time.


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