Let’s pretend you’re black: Ty’Qwonne Blacksten (Part 5)

Black women on #blacklivesmatter

It’s Saturday morning and the men are busy watching college football. Most of the women are preparing to go to church in the morning by heading to the hair salon. There are 3 hair salons in the city of Troose, but Nadine’s hair salon is the most popular. Nadine and her staff handle most of the African-American community. Councilwomen, Bus Drivers, Restaurant Workers, and Postal Workers all go to Nadine’s to spend half of the day. Here is the dialogue that goes on in Nadine’s:

TV: (News Broadcaster) “Officer slammed child and has been placed on unpaid leave until further notice.”

Red mohawk:”You see that Nadine….That officer need his ass whooped, slammin’ a lil ass girl like that. These officers is losin they rabid ass mind!”

(Salon groaning in unison)

Nadine:”Yep, but the backstory say that she was a lil badass. Being hella defiant, screaming at the officer and teacher. She was doin 4 much. Im jus sayin!”

Short brown hair:”So what!, that still don’t make it right. He wouldn’t slam no White girl like that. If Becky was actin out, she wouldn’t even get pepper sprayed. I don’t know why we keep letting these White cops get away with this nonsense gurl!”

Salon Worker Jada:”I agree, I also think that our Black men don’t treat us any better”

(Salon agreeing in accord)

Nadine:” We all being portrayed as bitches and hoes, nothing more than a sex tool to our men. A Black woman is known as a baby momma, but what do they call Sarah Palin daughter?”

(clapping and laughing)

Long Haired woman:” Tell me about it, then you got these White women taking our men. Them damn,(snapping her fingers) whats they name?..Kardashians are taking every rich Black man they see.”

Jada:” Walking around on television with fake asses, fake lips, and sun tans, these hoes wanna be Black so fuckin bad. We can’t even have our big asses anymore. White women wanna take that!” (cackling in laughter)

Nadine:”Y’all know Stretch got out!”

Jada:”That’s random, what made you think of that?”

Nadine:”Kardashian and Lamar Odom, Stretch look just like Lamar Odom”

Red Mohawk:”Yeah he do, He look good too. I’ll take care of his ass. Jail time did him good. Shiit!”(laughing)

Senior Citizen Pearline:”We losin too many of our sons and fathers to jail and gun violence. I have lost a Grandson and a Son behind this madness.”

Nadine:”Our men are passing away and going to jail, and we are left with the responsibility. When we need help or government assistance, we are shamed. We get stamped as welfare queens, cause we swipe an EBT card for food. When a White woman get stuck with responsibility, she divorces, or sues!”

Jada:”Maybe we need to get married, instead of having these no good, jailbird nigga babies, Hey, I’m just Sayin!!! It takes two.”

Nadine:”Even if we get married, what we gonna sue them for? Some Retro Jordan shoes. Hell. they barely wanna pay child support! What the hell I’m gonna sue for? A blunt!”

(salon roaring in laughter)

Senior Citizen Pearline:”We need to talk about whats really killing US!!! Violence and police brutality are killing our Black men, but you know what is killing us?”

Red Mohawk:”What?..broke ass baby daddies?”

(Salon laughs)

Pearline:”Heart disease, Diabetes, Breast Cancer, High Blood Pressure! These are the things killing us. When I was young like ya’ll, I took my health for granted. I cooked soul food and fried foods with a heavy hand of salt and butter. I refused to exercise. I didn’t wanna change my eating habits. I went through KFC drive-thru’s to compensate working two jobs to feed my children, and guess what happened. I had a stroke and renal failure in my 50’s. I go to kidney dialysis 3 times a week. I have to take 20 pills and vitamins a day, just to get through.”

(Salon quiet and somber)

Long Haired Woman:”I feel you Mrs. Pearline, I just can’t mess up my weave. I paid good money for my Brazilian hair. No disrespect, but I don’t do pack hair. The sweat would damage my hair.”

(salon humming and laughing)

Pearline:”So you just chose hair over heart disease?  If you don’t take care of your health, hair will be the last thing you need to worry about..Trust me on that, Sweetie”

Part 6 coming soon.

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Let’s pretend you’re black:Ty’Qwonne Blacksten (Part 4) of short series

The Felon’s Point of View

WARNING: Foul and inappropriate language is used in the following story.

It is Grandma’s birthday and all of your family are showing up to the event. Grandma will be 68 years old today and is still alive, despite diabetes complications. You are talking with your best friend/cousin named “Skooby”, a local blood member from the Ballstone Boyz. Skooby is 4 years older than you, and has done time in juvenile hall and youth authority. Skooby and you take a walk around the block and light up a blunt filled with marijuana. You guys pick a spot near a dumpster in an alley and talk about how crazy things are getting in Troose.

You:”Shit gettin crazy out here Skoob, niggaz is straight savages killin in broad daylight!”

Skooby:”That’s why I always keep that Nina Ross(gun) on me, in case these niggaz wanna try me wit that fuck-shit!”—(Fuck-shit means, weird or strange behavior)

You:”I gotta find a way to get me and moms up outta here. Im getting tired of making 170 bucks a week on this part-time shit. I’m tryna ball like Trump or Bill Gates one day. Create some shit like Steve Jobs. I am tired of being poor. Mom’s getting older, and pops getting out in 6 years. Im tryna have shit laced by time Pops get out so he can never have to work again”

Skooby:”I feel you bro. Thats why a nigga out here getting it. I stay on the come up getting that Guap (money). You think a nigga posed to get up and go to work for only enough money to pay the light bill and eat canned food. Nigga fuck that. Squares out here working at McDonald’s for a whole month just to buy some Jordan’s. What you make in a month, I make in a day.”(laughing hysterically)

You:(disturbed and uncomfortable look)

Skooby:”I used to be like you. Listen to the white man, wanna get a job and go the right path. That shit is for suckas B. The white man want you to work for him till you old and grey and aint got shit but diabetes and a social security check. Fuck that! My squad starting our own enterprise out here. All my niggas got new whips and bad bitches. Look at FatBoy Troy. That nigga used to wear the same Jordan sandals er’day. No money, hummin and bummin. Look at him now, he got his own turf, a brand new Challenger on 24’s with a bedroom full of Jordan’s. Bitches jock him now. You need to stop depending on the white man. That shit will hold you back bruh-bruh.”

You:”Don’t you fear going to jail and dying? Niggaz is droppin like bird shit. Goin to jail and doing 25-to-life bids.  Black men are incarcerated at high rates. I’m not trying to be another statistic. They say we either end up dead, jail, or paralyzed. I can’t walk that path. What if you die?”

Skooby:”youz a scary ass nigga (puffs the blunt). You gonna die anyway! you could drive your car and get into an accident and die. Fuck them statistics. Them statistics aint taking care of me and my niggaz. You brainwashed TQ. That’s why you ain’t gonna be shit. You wanna regular job to be a house nigga and never have shit.”


Skooby:”Ah, shit, I forgot to tell you that cousin Stretch got out!”

Stretch, a black man with a svelte, muscular figure, standing at 6’4, is a cousin of yours who went to prison when you were 5 years old. He was a member of the 45th St Ballstone Bloods, who went to jail for armed robbery. He was 18 at the time of the crime, coming off a botched college basketball career. He was a 4-star recruit who earned a scholarship to a NCAA Division-1 basketball team. During his freshman season he averaged 20 pts a game. Stretch, had a problem with who he surrounded himself with. He was always around his childhood friends from the hood. They convinced him to participate in an armed robbery. The event was captured on a surveillance camera and became national news. Stretch, real name Egypt Browne, was sent to prison for 15 years. Due to good behavior, and prison overcrowding, he qualified for early release.

Stretch:”Wassup Black MEN!!!”

You:”Wassup”(in an estranged and aloof tone)

Skooby:”Whattup Stretch! You done got buff. You used to be a twig, nigga!”

Stretch:”Yeah, that’s what that prison food will do to you. You youngstas got a  lot to learn. T.Q, you was too little to know who I am, but I am your big cousin. You are a grown man now, and Skooby you got big too.”

Skooby: “I’m tryna tell this nigga about making money off tha block, but he ain’t listening.”

You: (Looking uncomfortable)

Stretch:”That shit is stupid Skooby, Jail is not a place for boys. It’s a lot of shit that goes on in prison that you guys don’t understand. I have seen grown men get raped, stabbed,  and killed in prison. Yes, you can die in prison. Skooby you are a knuckle-head that won’t listen to anyone. But I am telling you guys, prison is no joke! I have seen grown men cry in prison.”

Skooby: (growing irritated)” Youz a old head. You don’t know what shit is like on the block right now. Shit has changed. Mezza’s and the Troose 13’s is running shit. Aspey’s are fucking wit crabz (crips) and shit is all fucked up. Niggas is out here getting killed like Iraq. You don’t know shit!”

Stretch:”First of all, Im your O.G.!! Nigga don’t get it twisted. I used to run wit some of your lil homies uncles. You a poo-butt snot nosed wanna be. I’ve lined it up (fought) wit Crips in the chow hall, 2 on 1. I served time for puttin in work for the hood. You just went to Juvie (Juvenile hall). Do you know what it’s like to not have none of the homies write you or put money on your books (commissary)? Do you know what its like to not have a relationship with your child, because of a fuck up you did when you was 19? My baby momma moved on to another man, who my son calls daddy, and won’t acknowledge me or my phone calls. You don’t know that pain, Blood!”

Skooby: (puzzled look)

You: (involved and intrigued)

Stretch:”I have been looking for a job for the past two months I’ve been out, and can’t get hired. I have tried everything. There is no equal-opportunity for an ex-felon. I have to register wherever I live.  My P.O (probation officer) is my fuckin baby sitter. I have to piss in a cup and check in with her at a moments notice. I have no rights. Cops can harass and take me to jail, simply off of suspicion. I can’t hang with none of my homies cause of gang-injunction laws. The White man won’t hire me. The Black man won’t hire me. He is just as scared of me as the White man is. I can’t even get a job doing construction. The Mexicans and Latinos are taking over the labor industry. They come into our country with skilled trades and businesses. We barely have a culture, we don’t wanna help each other out. The million man march and Black lives matter shit is cute, but we don’t wanna help each other out. The ex-felons don’t have a voice. Especially the Blacks. Mexicans and Whites get a job working for their cousin when they get out of jail. Where do the Blacks go? Back to the block to sell some crack and end up back in Prison. It is an invisible caste system that never gets publicized. So, for now, I have to stick to these temporary jobs I get at the local “Labor-Ready”. I am removing roof shingles and digging holes for less than 40 bucks a day. You young bucks got a lot to learn!”

Part 5 coming soon…

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Let’s pretend you’re black:Ty’Qwonne Blacksten (Part 3) of short series

The Cops Perspective

Meet Brock Herschen, a 45 year old Marine Veteran that currently works for the Troose P.D. as an officer. He is a married father of three kids: a 19 year old woman, 15 year old boy, and 7 year old twin girls. He lives in a suburban city 25 miles west of Troose called Bay Lagos. Bay Lagos is a predominately Caucasian community. Many officers stay in this town because it is a safe distance from work and the crimes are mostly non-violent. Herschel, is not a racist cop. He doesn’t wake up with a penchant to kill young black men. He just wants to make it back home safely to his family.

At the job he has to run towards the stuff that most people run away from. He gets paid to face danger. His typical day consists of a briefing detailing the latest crime buzz that is plaguing the streets. Officer Brock, works one of the toughest beats in Troose. He is recognized as a consummate professional. Pulling no strings and taking no chances, Herschen, is seen as a no-bullshit tough ass. In the span of his 18 year career, he has seen 9 of his fellow officers killed in the line of duty. He has been wounded by gunfire before. Seen countless officers get stabbed or maimed by felonious criminals. Herschen, loves his family and will not take any chances with losing his life. He will take anyone who tries to kill him, along with him.

During his tenure, Officer Brock, has been: spit on, nearly ran over, choked, molotov cocktails thrown near his vehicle, sprayed with mace, and whatever else you can name. A criminal is the lowest vile human on earth, and cannot be taken lightly. A criminal will shoot you in a heartbeat if he smells fear. Cops know that a felon will kill a cop without question. There have been times where Officer Brock witnessed a death of a colleague, shot by a felon with 2 strikes. The felon rationalizes that he will kill others, as well as himself before serving a lifetime bid.

So, Brock and a couple co-workers go to an Irish Pub that most of the cops frequent after work. He has a conversation with Officer Jack Kotellow, a middle-aged gentleman, heavy set with red hair and freckles. Kotellow , is known to be a racist cop. He has bigoted ideas that conflict with many of the modern times. Brock and Kotellow have a conversation after a few beers. It goes like this:

JK:”Im getting tired of these dumb ass niggers!”

BH:”Why’s that?” he said with a smirk.

JK:”These fuckin niggers are complaining too damn much. They have a Black President and equal rights, so what are they crying about! This country is going to the shitter with this guy we got leading this country. If Hilary wins, I’m moving out of the country. Fucken Libetards(Libertarians) don’t understand the consequences of letting all these immigrants, who commit crimes, come into this country. We are the ones who have to arrest these dickheads!” he said in a bemoaning tone.

BH:”Really, huh?”(nervous laughter)

JK:”You damn skippy! Fucken niggers saying Black Lives Matter, but kill each other in droves. The so-called evil white man ain’t killing them like they killing each other! While their welfare queen baby mamas use our tax money WE PROVIDE  from OUR HARD WORK…” he declared.

JK:”Its bullshit. Where is the media coverage and memes when our Officers get killed by these animals. How bout ALL LYVES MATTA!” he said in a tone mocking a black person.

BH: “Well, what can I say?”

JK:”Just say it’s true..These blacks want to all be mafia dons, but don’t wanna be a real man and get a job. They walk around with their pants sagging with face tattoos and wonder why they get harassed. Hey Brock! Thats like wearing a short skirt in a dark alley and crying rape!”(raising his beer mug laughing)

Part 4 coming soon

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It was me all along by Andie Mitchell book review



Have you ever wondered what goes through an average obese person’s mind? Maybe you are obese yourself and are searching for a book that speaks to your struggle with obesity.

Andie Mitchell, author of It was me all along, talks about her battle of the bulge. She has lost over 100 lbs and has kept it off for several years. She delves into her personal life and relationships as well. Here is a video of my takeaways.

Video duration: 5 1/2 mins

Imagine you’re Black: Ty’Qwonne Blacksten (part two) of short series

The Educational System

You are in a city with 5 gangs and 3 schools. The way that schools are chosen are by location.  The three schools are: Lincoln High, Weaver High, and  Grant High.

Lincoln High- ran by the 45th Ballstone Bloods and Aspey Street Mafia Brims

Weaver High- ran by Hyde St Hustla Crips/Troose 13/ Mezza St

Grant High- Mezza St Murder Mob/Troose 13/Aspey St Mafia Brims

Although you are located on Ballstone Ave with the Bloods, you are assigned to Weaver High. You have a lot of friends from the Ballstone Bloods because you grew up with most of them. They know you as “TQ”, and they know your father was about peace, so the Ballstones never messed with you. You have no gang ties with them, just many friends who are members of this gang.

As you walk through the city of Troose, you have to walk past all five deadly neighborhoods in order to get to school. The walk back home is deadly as Russian Roulette. There have been multiple gang fights and stabbings that have been reported within the past month. Mezza St is the most notorious and brutal gang. They have been going at it with everybody, except the Mexican gang. The Troose 13 supply the Mezza’s with drugs.

The Crips are linked together through affiliation. In the mid 1990s, the Crips were all unified in Troose. They were originally called the Original Troose Crips. A lot of turmoil within the gang came to a boil when the leader got murdered in broad daylight. Suggestions were made that it was an inside job and the gang split after that. Therefore, there is two crip gangs instead of one.

As you are in school, you recognize that the teachers aren’t passionate about teaching because they don’t get performance bonuses. The lazy teacher, makes as much as the great and high ranking teacher. So, ultimately there is no incentive in working harder. Its not uncommon to see a bunch of kids absent or truant from school. The neighborhoods are too risky to walk through. The turnaround rate for teachers in Troose unified school district is staggering. Many days the teacher is some free-spirited substitute who lets the kids have fun in class. He or she doesn’t care about giving a lecture because they are only Substitutes. There have been some exceptions here and there, but mostly duds.

“U wanna date, daddy?!”

When you do make it home, past drug dealers, killers, prostitutes and crackheads, you can barely focus on homework. There are way too many gunshots and sirens that distract you. You are wondering if your Mom will make it back home safely. You pray she doesn’t get mugged or caught in the crossfire. Every two weeks, you see a candle light vigil of a friend, young boy, or girl being murdered in cold blood. The anxiety of living in a dangerous neighborhood is stressing you out.

Part 3 coming soon

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Let’s pretend you are Black: Ty’Qwonne Blacksten (Part one) of short series

What the F**k is this about! Who is Ty’Qwonne Blacksten?

Yes, you are imagining you look like this and your name is Ty’Qwonne Blacksten… Any coincidences are completely incidental, For fictional purposes only.

Let’s pretend you were born Ty’qwonne Blacksten. You just so happened to be black in a middle-to-lower class income household. You are 17 years old, do not commit any crimes. You like playing video games, smoking weed and flirting with girls. You are not in a gang – though your neighborhood is gang-infested – and you attend the local public high school. You have no tattoos, no idea what you wanna be when you grow up, you just are enjoying your youth. You stay with your mom and grandmother. Your father is not home because he isn’t a good father. He is in jail because he was at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

The Backstory of Dad

Your father was charged as an accomplice to a murder that his best friend committed. As your father was driving home from work, he recognized one of his childhood friends in distress. Your father picked his friend (killer) up, because he(killer) claimed that he was evading some enemies that were chasing him. Being the loyal friend your father is, he helps his friend(killer) escape to a safe location. The father doesn’t know that his friend killed someone. He doesn’t know that his friend committed a crime. The cops search and spot your fathers vehicle,  and off to prison he went. Your father had a job as a warehouse laborer. He was a blue-collar man that loved his family and helped young kids get off the street  on your block. He was not the stereotypical  felon. In your neighborhood, there is an implicit oath that forbids “snitching” or being an informant. This violation is punishable up to death. If your father told on his friend and pleaded innocent, he would place his household in danger. The prosecutor tells your father that either he co-operates, plead guilty, or face 25 years to life in prison. Your family has no savings account for cash. Mom is a postal worker with benefits; a great job, but far from rich. She has no money to hire a decent lawyer, so Dad is stuck with a public defender, who currently is handling 183 cases at one time. The public defender tells him to take a deal because the odds of beating the case are dire. Your father accepts a 10 year bid, and has been locked up since you were 13 years old. You still talk to your Dad and visit when you can, but the stress of everything is getting to you. You are now the man of the house. Mom has incrementally placed more responsibility on you. You have a part-time job at the local Subway restaurant, but the money is slow.

School is no better. You stay in a city called Troose. In Troose there are several gangs.

—-The gangs break down as follows—-

45th Ballstone Boyz (Bloods)- Bulls hats, Red and Black

Hyde St Hustla Crips- Houston Astros hats- Blue and Orange

Aspey Street Mafia Brim Gang- (Bloods)- Burgundy and White (Alabama Roll Tide)

Troose XIII (Mexican Gang)- Silver and Black – Raider Hats

Mezza St Murder Mob- (All races- Biggest gang in Troose) Black and Orange

As you can imagine, this is not an easy place to live. Part two coming soon!

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4 Things I’ve Learned From Trying Out Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge

Follow this guy. Good blog

Examined Journey

This year is the first time I participated in Goodreads Reading Challenge. I remember I was pretty determined to read more books after reading how beneficial reading is to you and how successful people always make reading their habit. I’ve always loved reading since I was little but somehow I started to read less and less books in college, must be because those soul-sucking text books we are required to read left us so little time to read for pleasure. But like what I said, I was pretty determined, so I stop making excuses and make time for reading instead.

Fortunately, I found out about 2015 Reading Challenge shortly (after logging in to my neglected goodreads account). This reading challenge is about setting a goal about how many books we want to read for 2015. And I thought, what a coincidence, I can use this event to motivate me to read more…

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The God Debate! (Strap on your seat belt)

This post is not about right or wrong. I have no allegiance to either side. This post is about how the “Atheist vs Theist” debate is pointless.


Humanity 2.0- Escape the noise

Does God exist? And if he or she does exist, which God is it. Are you a Christian? Catholic? What denomination? Do you believe in another religion? Buddhist, Muslim, Judaism. What is your belief? Or maybe you are an Atheist.

This is a long debate that has been going on for centuries. I just so happen to be Agnostic. Agnostic, is another way of saying “I don’t know”. Bill Maher once quipped that Agnostics are Atheists without balls, or something like that. Lmao. It is somewhat true. I just am being completely honest. Richard Dawkins, author of The Selfish Gene,  publicly mocks religion, using science and evolution as proof. And the Christians have Professor John Lennox, author of Gunning for God, who uses the limited ability of science to contest skeptics.

Here is a clip of the debate:

This post is not about right or wrong. I have no allegiance to either side. This post is about how the “Atheist vs Theist” debate is pointless.


Let’s start off with the Christian argument, because I live in America, which is a Christian nation. Christianity, a belief that stems from the collective books of witnesses of Jesus Christ. Combined, they form the Bible. The Bible is the truth to the Christian follower because God is Jesus Christ. There is no other God. The Bible is living proof of their belief.

If I am a Christian and I follow the Bible – word for word- I will be rewarded in the afterlife to a place called Heaven. Where me and my Father, Jesus Christ, will meet in spirit and spend the rest of my eternal life. Heaven is a place with many amenities and rewards for followers who have lived by the word of the Bible. If you are a non-believer, you will be sent to the abysmal pits of hell. You will be banished to Hell, where you will meet Satan and be tortured by demons and burned by the hottest fire you could imagine. This is a real belief that I stand behind, and if you don’t have that belief , than I honestly feel sorry for you. God is giving you the opportunity to change your life and become one with the creator. He can make a difference in your life. I am living proof, he has forgiven me for my sins and can do the same for you. When I approach you about Christ, I am sincerely wanting to save you from the wrath. Christ is coming back, and he is taking only those who have accepted him as their Lord and Savior. Sinners will be left behind with a stamp of the mark of the beasts. 666 will be branded on the guilty sinners forehead , and the world will be a dystopian, chaotic slum. If I die, and I am wrong, what do I have to lose? I will be rewarded with heaven. Science is limited and can’t tell me about what passion I feel for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Now lets go on to the Atheist non-believer who is seen as a Satan worshipper in the Christians view. In America, this is a strong debate; Christians rarely argue with other religions, because Atheists are seen as the Christian’s true enemy. It could possibly be due to the fact that many skeptics don’t live by a moral code. Some do have moral codes, it is impossible to calculate because Atheism is autonomous.

If I am an Atheist and I am disrespected at the mention of Christ, this would be my argument. Religion is a mental disease. Any person with a rational mind knows that there is no God. God is a concept, so Christians are simply worshipping a concept in their brain. Where was God when (insert American tragedy) happened?..Where is the proof of God? Christians have no right to disrespect homosexuals and tell me that I can’t have an abortion. America is supposed to be built on freedom. Ok, so you want me believe a snake convinced two naked people to eat an apple that caused a lifelong curse? That makes as much sense as Harry Potter. Some of the Pastors are the biggest crooks in the world. If you want to be an Atheist, read the Bible.  So Jesus supported slavery and murdered children, and I am wrong because I want to have sex with a woman I’m not married to. How about when we die, nothing happens. I have read the God delusion by Dawkins, and I know that there is no God. It is scientifically proven. Science is proving that we actually evolved from a species in the ocean, and evolved into upright mammals. Where is the literature about dinosaurs and things that existed before Christ? Homosexuality is supposed to be a sin, when Slavery isn’t. The Bible contradicts itself several times over.

God condoning slavery:

 If you buy a Hebrew slave, he is to serve for only six years.  Set him free in the seventh year, and he will owe you nothing for his freedom.  If he was single when he became your slave and then married afterward, only he will go free in the seventh year.  But if he was married before he became a slave, then his wife will be freed with him.  If his master gave him a wife while he was a slave, and they had sons or daughters, then the man will be free in the seventh year, but his wife and children will still belong to his master.  But the slave may plainly declare, ‘I love my master, my wife, and my children.  I would rather not go free.’  If he does this, his master must present him before God.  Then his master must take him to the door and publicly pierce his ear with an awl.  After that, the slave will belong to his master forever.  (Exodus 21:2-6 NLT)

God killing babies:

Exodus 12:29New International Version (NIV)

29 At midnight the Lord struck down all the firstborn in Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharaoh, who sat on the throne, to the firstborn of the prisoner, who was in the dungeon, and the firstborn of all the livestock as well.

So this argument goes back and forth all night, almost to the point of becoming physical. It is an argument that will never stop happening, because people want to prove that they are right.  Here is the truth about this issue. It doesn’t matter. Here is why:

As a country, we are becoming so imbued with trying to be righteous martyrs for our beliefs, and non-belief, that we are forgetting the importance of humanity. I am personally Agnostic and have no idea how the world began. I believe the majority of us don’t know either. I cannot say that I believe that the world was created by a Big-Bang Theory. I don’t believe that man and woman were just magically dropped off on Earth. The world is a complex place to live in, for that reason we all have our own truths. There is the explainable, and the unexplainable. If you get in a car accident and fly out the windshield and land on a tree branch with only a chipped tooth as your injury, who am I to say it wasn’t God who saved you? It may have been extreme luck, or a supreme spiritual unseen deity that saved you. If you were an abusive alcoholic and shot heroin in your veins, went to church and had an epiphany, how can I tell you religion is bad? I honestly don’t know. I steer away from religion because it is too rigid and often encourages unrealistic discipline – The appearance of being Holier that Thou and pious – What do you mean by that? It is when you are forced to look down when an attractive woman is in your presence, because lustful thoughts are offensive to the Lord. I am a mammal and sexual by nature. I cannot help if I am attracted to a woman while having a general conversation. I am a sexual creature. I inherently know I am wrong to publicly objectify her with cat calls, whistles, or bawdy stares, but thinking these thoughts are innocuous. Or how I am supposed to dislike a homosexual male or female because of their sexual desires? How does that affect my daily life routine? Homosexuality is not a contagious airborne disease. It is not something that should be feared. I don’t agree with the Bible’s point of view, and in order to be a true believer of Christ, which means following the Bible, I would have to carry on those beliefs. You have some Christians who ride the fence, and treat the Bible like a delicatessen. These are the folks who pick and choose what part of the Bible they live by, instead of the actual word of the Bible. Some true Christians call these types “Part-time Christians”.


I don’t wish to be lumped in with radical Atheism either. I don’t think it’s hilarious to imperiously mock a person for what they believe in. I laugh at a few Bill Maher jokes, but I refuse to be the guy with the Atheist bumper stickers on my car, wearing an Atheist shirt that disrespects a man’s belief. I totally understand this mode of thinking:


“I am different, look at me. I read a few books and blogs online. I don’t listen to my grandparent’s and I can finally be me. Religion is boring and I hated church also! Gimme a high 5 bro!”

Being an irrational asshole, and disrespecting people publicly makes you as crazy as the guy who is a Tea-Party radical Christian picketing in front of an abortion clinic. We have been so entrenched in this debate, that we have forgotten about humanity. We have been focused too long on BEING correct, and BEING right, that we aren’t collectively GETTING it right. A deadly disease will be just as harmful to a Christian, as it would be to an Atheist or any religion. We have to escape the noise and become advocates for humanity. Be kind to one another in passing, accepting differences that we aren’t accustomed to seeing. I know that we will never live in some utopian fantasy world where we all hold hands and sing kumbaya. Religion and non-religion are both part of life. Racism and bigotry will stand, and wars will continue on. This blog will be another compelling read that floats in cyberspace. I just want to challenge your biases and beliefs. This is meant for you to re-examine how ridiculous we can look, when you realize Earth is a small part of a infinite universe with planets and galaxies that are undiscovered. We are small in comparison to the Universe. Our Sun is a dot compared to “Canis Majoris”, a huge sphere of fire that makes the sun look like a grain of sugar.


Humans could be far more insignificant than we purport to be. We are intelligent creatures, so smart that we have captured the knowledge of other worlds and galaxies. However, I believe that the pursuit of other lifeforms, is more important than an argument between two people who don’t agree on religion. Finally, my last question is. In the MACRO lens, What if human life doesn’t have a purpose, only to exist and re-produce more life?

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The Burning Monk

Amateur Blog of an Ordinary Guy

Yesterday when I was talking with my friend Jen(Hi Jen) about zen(that rhymes), the image of the monk who set fire to himself came into my mind. I couldn’t remember his name back then but a quick google search later I found out that the monk was Thích Quảng Đức. Now that is an honorary title. He was born as Lâm Văn Túc on 1897 in French Indochina.

Thích Quảng Đức

52 years ago on 11th June 1963, he calmly sat down in the middle of a street in South Vietnam, in front of the Cambodian Embassy. A fellow monk poured gasoline over him, and a few moments later he set himself on fire. He was protesting the religious discrimination against Buddhists by the Ngô Đình Diệm regime. This was not the first time a Buddhist monk self-immolated, but his protest was covered by Malcolm Browne, an Associated…

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Salt, Sugar, Fat by Michael Moss book review


Salt, Sugar, Fat by Michael Moss

  1. Have you ever wondered why you can’t just eat one potato chip?
  2. Does it befuddle you why you cannot stop refilling that bowl of frosted Flakes?
  3. Do you feel like a vending machine fiend?
  4. Can’t stop reaching for those 100 calorie snack packs?
  5. Can’t stop grabbing that Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew?

There is a reason for that. Michael Moss, author of Salt, Sugar, Fat, examines and investigates the food industry, and their crafty practices. He starts the book off detailing a private meeting of the top food companies of the world. The meeting was    a call for these companies to end their participation in the plague of childhood obesity. The medical field was seeing an emergence of juvenile diabetes, and high blood pressure in young children. Health complications were becoming so widespread, that it needed to be addressed. As you can imagine, this didn’t go so well with a lot of these CEO’s. One of the CEO’s in attendance, went on to slam the meeting. He abruptly contended that it wasn’t his responsibility to tell kids what to eat. Moss, captures your attention at that moment, and you are a prisoner of his book until the end. It is a very long book, however, the information is worth the duration. Here is my youtube takeaways from the book.

VideoDuration: 5 mins

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