Let’s pretend you’re black:Ty’Qwonne Blacksten (Part 3) of short series

The Cops Perspective

Meet Brock Herschen, a 45 year old Marine Veteran that currently works for the Troose P.D. as an officer. He is a married father of three kids: a 19 year old woman, 15 year old boy, and 7 year old twin girls. He lives in a suburban city 25 miles west of Troose called Bay Lagos. Bay Lagos is a predominately Caucasian community. Many officers stay in this town because it is a safe distance from work and the crimes are mostly non-violent. Herschel, is not a racist cop. He doesn’t wake up with a penchant to kill young black men. He just wants to make it back home safely to his family.

At the job he has to run towards the stuff that most people run away from. He gets paid to face danger. His typical day consists of a briefing detailing the latest crime buzz that is plaguing the streets. Officer Brock, works one of the toughest beats in Troose. He is recognized as a consummate professional. Pulling no strings and taking no chances, Herschen, is seen as a no-bullshit tough ass. In the span of his 18 year career, he has seen 9 of his fellow officers killed in the line of duty. He has been wounded by gunfire before. Seen countless officers get stabbed or maimed by felonious criminals. Herschen, loves his family and will not take any chances with losing his life. He will take anyone who tries to kill him, along with him.

During his tenure, Officer Brock, has been: spit on, nearly ran over, choked, molotov cocktails thrown near his vehicle, sprayed with mace, and whatever else you can name. A criminal is the lowest vile human on earth, and cannot be taken lightly. A criminal will shoot you in a heartbeat if he smells fear. Cops know that a felon will kill a cop without question. There have been times where Officer Brock witnessed a death of a colleague, shot by a felon with 2 strikes. The felon rationalizes that he will kill others, as well as himself before serving a lifetime bid.

So, Brock and a couple co-workers go to an Irish Pub that most of the cops frequent after work. He has a conversation with Officer Jack Kotellow, a middle-aged gentleman, heavy set with red hair and freckles. Kotellow , is known to be a racist cop. He has bigoted ideas that conflict with many of the modern times. Brock and Kotellow have a conversation after a few beers. It goes like this:

JK:”Im getting tired of these dumb ass niggers!”

BH:”Why’s that?” he said with a smirk.

JK:”These fuckin niggers are complaining too damn much. They have a Black President and equal rights, so what are they crying about! This country is going to the shitter with this guy we got leading this country. If Hilary wins, I’m moving out of the country. Fucken Libetards(Libertarians) don’t understand the consequences of letting all these immigrants, who commit crimes, come into this country. We are the ones who have to arrest these dickheads!” he said in a bemoaning tone.

BH:”Really, huh?”(nervous laughter)

JK:”You damn skippy! Fucken niggers saying Black Lives Matter, but kill each other in droves. The so-called evil white man ain’t killing them like they killing each other! While their welfare queen baby mamas use our tax money WE PROVIDE  from OUR HARD WORK…” he declared.

JK:”Its bullshit. Where is the media coverage and memes when our Officers get killed by these animals. How bout ALL LYVES MATTA!” he said in a tone mocking a black person.

BH: “Well, what can I say?”

JK:”Just say it’s true..These blacks want to all be mafia dons, but don’t wanna be a real man and get a job. They walk around with their pants sagging with face tattoos and wonder why they get harassed. Hey Brock! Thats like wearing a short skirt in a dark alley and crying rape!”(raising his beer mug laughing)

Part 4 coming soon

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11 thoughts on “Let’s pretend you’re black:Ty’Qwonne Blacksten (Part 3) of short series

  1. You know I like that you are showing a different view of the cop Brock. He isn’t the bad guy, but the sad part is that there are several JK’s running around. We can even think of it in the same way that they (white cops and society) think about black people. One bad seed spoils the bunch right? WE know that isn’t the case, but we think the same of the police and the think the same about us. So what is going to prompt the change? The answer no one knows. Great series! Keep ’em coming!

    Liked by 1 person

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